ImageTekla’s UK BIM Awards, an annual celebration of collaborative workflows and model based processes, honoured some impressive projects this year.

ImageInformation is at the heart of BIM and standardised, well-structured information will enable enormous efficiencies in the construction industry

ImageThinking about investing in Building Information Modelling (BIM)? Consider including a shared data standard, writes Nick Harris from UK technology service provider CADline.

ImageBuilding Information Modelling (BIM) is mainly focused on newbuild projects, but refurbishment and renovation requires a different approach. Using 3D Laser scanning, there is a growing interest in

ImageAs recent confirmed cyber attacks on the Middle East show that state-sponsored industrial espionage may no longer be the domain of spy films, AEC Magazine asks how secure is your CAD data?

ImageAutodesk is growing its cloud-services for the AEC industry and in its latest incarnation has additional collaboration capabilities for those in the infrastructure disciplines.

ImageBuilding Information Modelling systems create new challenges in sharing data between rival systems. The Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) specification provides some capability but even here compatibility can be poor. Finnish developer Datacubist has created a low-cost IFC BIM tool that is worth a trial.

ImageWith every CAD software developer talking up the cloud, we asked Autodesk’s Will Nicol to explain what advantages Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the cloud offers.

ImageUK technology service provider CADline is helping customers prepare for the move to Building Information Modelling (BIM).

ImageRobert Aish has been behind many innovative design software solutions including Bentley’s GenerativeComponents (GC). Now at Autodesk he will shortly deliver a new programming environment for AutoCAD to enable design computation.

ImageFrom February 7th–9th the annual Imagina event will be showcasing the latest in 3D visualisation and simulation.

ImageLate 2011, Las Vegas; time for the annual migration of Autodesk fans to attend the CAD industry’s biggest conference. AEC Magazine looks at how the company’s technology has raised the stakes.

ImageThe message is out: Building Information Modelling (BIM) will be mandated on all UK government building projects by 2016. AEC Magazine reports on what that means for the construction industry.

ImageBack from season of Building Information Modelling (BIM) conferences, Greg Corke highlights two practices, Space Group and Zaha Hadid Architects, which shared their BIM expertise from very different perspectives.

ImageOnce a year Bentley Systems holds a conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where it discusses new technologies with key customers, press and analysts and hosts an awards ceremony for its Be Inspired competition. Greg Corke and Martyn Day attended to cover the multi-disciplinary streams.

ImageWith the UK Government now mandating the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) on its future projects, the AEC industry is facing sweeping changes in long established processes and collaboration practices. Martyn Day looks at the challenges of moving to BIM.

ImageAnne-Marie Walters from Bentley Systems presents the case for the ISO 15926 data standard in order to create collaboration across global organisations

ImagePDF is used widely in the design community as a common way to share 2D drawings and documents. While support for 3D was added in 2005, last year, Adobe appeared to withdraw its commitment to the design industry. Martyn Day reports

ImageTo help coordinate multiple design disciplines and maintain quality of BIM models, Norwegian engineering firm, Multiconsult analyses IFC models inside a dedicated building information model checking tool from Solibri.

ImageSmartGeometry is one of the most significant events at the cutting edge of CAD in AEC. Marc Thomas reports from Copenhagen.