Image3D has long been an integral part of architecture, whether through building physical models, creating CAD designs or rendering images.

ImageVirtual Reality promised much and delivered little. As a result the

ImageOne of the highlights of Autodesk University is always the Exhibition Hall, where purveyors of add-ons for Autodesk products and complementary software and hardware showcase their goods.

ImageNigel Davies has 20 years

ImageAfter Bentley Systems

ImageDr Don McLean, founder and managing director of IES, has a passion for building analysis. He says, to enable sustainable designs, architects need to understand the physical impact of design decisions early in the process.

ImageJamie Gwilliam, Autodesk

ImageSalford University is one of the leading international research institutes for Built Environment technology. The press was recently invited to visit its impressive facilities and gain an insight into the types of projects and research its academics and students undertake.

If you are into advanced form design in architecture, then you know what Generative Components is all about. Smart Geometry is the industry

The architects and engineers responsible for preserving the icon that is the Sydney Opera House are relying on BIM to guide renovations and manage facilities

ImageBlair Gray, Technologist at Dyer Architects, shares his mixed experiences on the path to Building Information Modelling with Graphisoft

ImageThis month Lenovo unveiled its first ThinkStation line of workstations. The company partnered with long term customer, the AT&T Williams Formula One team, for the launch event. John Marchant reports.

ImageIn the first of his two articles this month, Rob Jamieson takes a closer look at the balance between value and service in the CAD software industry.

ImageIn the second of his two articles this month, Rob Jamieson takes a break from his usual stomping ground of technology and shares his experiences of culture and business in Japan.

ImagePDF is ubiquitous, and is becoming an increasingly popular format for storing scanned drawings. However, there

Siggraph 2007 reportIn August Rob Jamieson took his annual trip to Siggraph, the world

Scanning uncoveredSteve Hannath of Softcover looks beyond the marketing hype and tells you all you need to know when buying a wide format scanner for CAD.

Structural integrationBentley

leftHow safe is your company data? Could you survive a catastrophic crash? From External drive to online storage, Rob Jamieson gives a whistle stop tour of backing up.

The light fantasticThe way we see our world is thanks to the way light is absorbed and/or reflected by the objects around us. In Revit and 3ds Max this can be re-created by raytracing and radiosity rendering.