Tekla Structural Designer offers optimised concrete and steel design and ‘seamless BIM collaboration’

Tekla Structural Designer is a new analysis and design tool for structural engineers working on commercial building projects. The software, which is designed to complement the company’s Tekla Structures BIM tool, offers features for optimising concrete and steel design and supports British Standards, Eurocode and US design codes.

By enabling structural engineers to create a single analysis and design model, Tekla Structural Designer is said to eliminate the need for post-processing analysis results. Fully automated loading and design includes wind loading and finite element analysis while product documentation is automatically produced.

Engineers can create and compare multiple design options to help determine the most competitive scheme and manage changes, say the developers.

Tekla claims changes can be easily managed and applied across the entire model to instantly assess impact and automatically get a re-design in seconds. Calculation reports that automatically update are said to eliminate the need to generate new reports manually when changes occur.

Structural engineers can synchronize models with Tekla Structures and other BIM software using auditing tools that let engineers see what has been added, changed or deleted during integration.

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